Student Application

Refer to your schools policies and procedures on definitions and guidelines of at-risk students. Below are suggestions for what may be classified as at-risk.

Students can be considered at-risk when their skills, knowledge, motivation, and/or academic ability are significantly below those of the 'typical' student.

At Risk students are likely to display any number of other characteristics such as low academic self-concept, unrealistic grade and career expectations, unfocused career objectives, extrinsic motivation, inadequate study skills.

At-risk students may be those who have made poor choices or decisions that impacted negatively on their academics, or students with academic or physical limitations.

School Mentoring Program must be designed to effectively address the characteristics and academic needs of under-prepared and at-risk students.

At Risk Students benefit from more personal attention from individual advising sessions that focus on the student's development of self-confidence and their ability to make sound decisions.

Below is a copy of an at risk student application.

Student Application Form