Program Operations

Ensure strong, everyday operations:
-Recruit mentors
-Define eligibility for participants
-Market the program

Screen potential mentors and mentees:
-Require written applications
-Conduct reference checks, such as, employment record, character reference, child abuse registry, driving record and criminal record checks
-Conduct face to face interviews
-Hold orientations

Train mentors:
-Provide an overview of the program
-Clarify roles, responsibilities and expectations
-Discuss how to handle sensitive situations

Match mentors and mentees:
-Use established criteria -Arrange an introduction between mentors and mentees
-Ensure mentors, mentees and parents/caregivers understand and agree to the terms and conditions of program participation

Bring mentors and mentees together for mentoring sessions that fall within the program parameters:
-Provide safe locations
-Provide resources and materials for activities
-Provide ongoing support, supervision and monitoring of mentoring relationships
-Communicate regularly with participants and offer support;
-Assist when needed to define next steps for achieving mentee goals
-Bring mentors together to share ideas and support
-Assist mentors and mentees whose relationship is not working out
-Assure that appropriate documentation is done on a regular basis

Recognize the contribution of all program participants:
-Make the community aware of the contributions made by mentors, supporters and funders
-Actively solicit feedback from mentors and mentees regarding their experiences
-Use information to refine program and retain mentors

Help mentors and mentees reach closure:
-Conduct private, confidential interviews with mentors and mentees