Welcome to Seniors Mentoring Students
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Welcome Report Bullying follow up program
This Mentoring Program is offered to those schools who purchased our Report Bullying anti bullying program.

Welcome to Seniors Mentoring Students

At Reportbullying.com our emphasis is on behavioral solutions.
We educated your students that bystanders in bullying situations need to speak up, remember when they're complacent they're complicit.


Once a student has spoken up about bullying, then the schools policies and procedures come into play. Policies and procedures are essential. We recommend that a procedure should be in place to address the "At risk student" population. We have developed a seniors mentoring program that will assist in the character development of these at risk students.


If you feel that the discipline you have enforced through your schools policies and procedures are not working then you can implement our seniors mentoring program.


The Mentoring program provides for the sharing of ideas, experiences and demonstrated stability to help students become productive citizens in their communities.
Seniors have time to commit.

Seniors have a wealth of knowledge and experience.


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