Mentoring Information
What are the characteristics of a "Good Mentor"?

A "Good Mentor" is someone who:
• Engages in a positive relationship with the students.
• Gives attention to the student.
• Has a positive self-esteem about himself/herself.
• Reacts well to stressful situations.
• Tolerates frustrating situations.
• Listens well.
• Communicates on a level that the student can understand.
• Provides leadership.
• Is a positive role model.
• Does not engage in alcohol or drug abuse.
• Meets on weekly basis with the mentee.
• Shows up on time for sessions.
• Does NOT have a criminal record.
• Is willing to serve a minimum of one year in the program, hopefully more than that!
• Cares about helping an a student.
• Is not a judgmental person.
• Is committed.
• Nurtures a relationship that respects the students dignity.
• Accepts responsibilities.
• Reinforces student’s success.

What should the Student Mentor NOT expect to do?

The Mentor should not expect to:
• Replace the role of a parent/guardian.
• Expect dramatic changes in attitude, self-esteem or attendance quickly. Mentor is a process that takes time!
• Provide solutions to all the issues facing the student.
• Break the trust they have established, unless it is life threatening to the student.
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Mentoring Program
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