Mentor & Mentee First Meeting
These are some guidelines for how to get started with your mentee. You will not be able to cover all of these questions in one meeting, so choose which of these questions and discussion topics best fits your own style and approach.


1. Talk about what mentoring is and isnít.

2. Mentor talks about why they mentor and what they get out of it.

3. Mentor should talk about how important CONFIDENTIALITY is and ask mentee to agree on what is to be kept confidential in your relationship.

4. Mentor asks mentee in general what they would like to get out of the program.

5. Mentor asks mentee some questions to begin to get to know more about them.

6. Mentor asks mentee what they would like to know about the mentorís background.

8. Mentor shares with mentee whatís important to them in the relationship as a mentor, and how they like to work as a mentor.

9. Mentor and mentee make some agreements based on above conversations about how they want to be with each other to best support mentee in achieving their goals.

10. Close with what the next meeting will entail and agreeing on next mentor/mentee meeting.
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Mentoring Program
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