Benefits of a Mentoring Program
At Risk Students
Receive support and guidance from a mentor
Experience greater self esteem and motivation to succeed
Receive encouragement to stay in school and to graduate
Increase their involvement in their community
Recognize that they can make a difference
Bridge the gap between students and mentors
Gain new knowledge about the school system
Increase adult involvement in their school
Students increase their performance in class
Better student attendance
Create an environment where no student is left behind
Adults interested in becoming a student mentor must be someone who will be a positive influence in a student's life. The most crucial role for a mentor is to be an adult who has time for a student, who cares, who believes, and is committed to a long term relationship with the student. It is very important to know that the relationship between the mentor and the student may be the ONLY stability the he/she knows. Therefore, mentors are asked to spend a minimum of one hour every week with their mentee. This relationship between the mentee and mentor takes place during the school day at the studentís school.
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Mentoring Program
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